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Ginseng Royale drinking ampoule cure

Vital substance complex

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    In times of great stress, HOYER Ginseng Royale gives you fresh energy for every day. In everyday life, at work, in your free time - the blend of selected herbal and plant herbal and plant extracts brings new energy to every situation.

    • with zinc: helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress
    • with vitamin B5: supports normal mental performance
    • with vitamin C: contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

    Food supplement


    Honey wine; extract of ginseng root, guarana, green tea 6.3%; royal jelly 1.3%; acerola fruit powder (acerola juice concentrate, maltodextrin); herbal extract 0.31%; isoflavone concentrate (from Soy)** 0.24%; elderberry juice concentrate; zinc sulphate 0.09%; vitamin B5.

    **from non-GMO soy

    Consumption recommendation

    Daily the contents one ampoule drink in sips, keeping each sip in the mouth for about 15 seconds.

    Ready to drink - shake well before opening! Cloudiness or sediment are signs of the natural ingredients

    More product information

    Ginseng root, guarana, green tea extract with royal jelly in honey wine. Food supplement with vitamins, zinc and soy isoflavones

    Content in a drinking ampoule (15 ml): Extract from ginseng root, guarana, green tea 1.000 mg; royal jelly 200 mg; herbal extract 50 mg; vitamin C 24 mg°; soy isoflavones 15 mg; zinc 3 mg°; vitamin B5 3 mg°

    °corresponds to 30 % of the recommended daily intake

    Alcohol content: alc. 17,5 % vol.

    Allergene: Soja

    Notes: Do not exceed stated recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of young children. Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women (caffeine content 25mg/15ml). Do not store above 25 degrees.

    Name and address of the food business operator: HOYER GmbH, Steinbruchstrasse 18, D-82398 Polling


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    Ginseng Royale drinking ampoule cure

    HOYER Ginseng Royale drinking ampoule cure

    Proven recipe

    As we know today from records of ancient monastic and temple cultures, natural substances were traditionally used in many countries around the world. They are now used worldwide and are highly valued for their proven properties, especially today.

    In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are seen as opposing but interacting poles that are united by a holistic principle of balance. In this sense, the active, stimulating elements and the passive, balancing ingredients are perfectly realized in Ginseng Royale.

    The exquisite herbal and plant extracts give Ginseng Royale its typical taste.

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    With the power of nature!

    Founded in 1969 as a beekeeping business in Polling, Upper Bavaria, we can now look back on decades of experience from the production to the processing of high-quality beekeeping products.

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    FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our food supplements

    What is propolis?

    Our honey bees not only collect nectar and pollen, but also resins from various plants and trees. They process these with their own secretions to create the unique natural product: propolis. Our bees still use this to protect themselves from bacteria, viruses and fungi. In the beehive, many bees live together in a confined space at around 37° and humid air. To prevent the spread of diseases, the bees distribute the protective resin throughout the hive and use it to seal small gaps. This is what makes propolis so interesting for us humans. The protective resin has been used since ancient times and even the ancient Egyptians appreciated its effect.

    Which plants does HOYER pollen come from?

    Our pollen comes from the botanical families of cistus (Cistaceae), asteraceae (composite plants), but also from roses (Rosaceae) and oaks (Quercus).

    How does royal jelly come in capsule form?

    In the so-called "lyophilization", a freeze-drying process that preserves the value, royal jelly is particularly highly concentrated. In this process, the royal jelly is deep-frozen and dried in a high vacuum. This process enables a concentration of three times the amount of royal jelly, i.e. 167 mg of lyophilized royal jelly is equivalent to 500 mg of fresh royal jelly.