Your honey experts since 1969

Founded in 1969 as a beekeeping business in Polling, Upper Bavaria, HOYER can look back on decades of experience in the production and processing of high-quality natural products.

How it all began...

Gerhard Hoyer

Founder of HOYER

... was a pioneer in the organic sector and laid the foundations for our family business today. Varietal honeys as well as the healthy bee products pollen, propolis and royal jelly were and are of central importance to our product range.

With the commissioning of our second, newly built production facility in Weischlitz in 1991, the range was expanded to include natural food supplements such as drinking ampoules, capsules and lozenges.

Growing big from small beginnings

Today, our HOYER range comprises 66 items and is available in numerous countries within and outside Europe.

The combination of tradition and innovation is a central part of our corporate philosophy. We are proud to use our many years of experience and expertise to offer our customers high-quality organic products.

HOYER products stand for trust, reliability and enjoyment, and we strive to uphold and continuously develop these values.

Our team

The Hoyer Team

Supports you with the power of nature!

Because the strength of a team does not depend on its size, but on the expertise and commitment of each individual member.

Our small HOYER team enables us to work flexibly and efficiently. Through clear communication and close collaboration, we are able to respond quickly to customer needs and offer customized solutions.

Thanks to many years of working for us, our employees have gained valuable knowledge, especially in the processing of beekeeping products. This know-how enables us to guarantee first-class quality in all aspects.

Not had enough of us yet?

Find out more about HOYER quality, our partnerships and sustainability promises

HOYER quality

Our many years of experience in the industry have given us valuable knowledge about the production and processing of organic products.

We know how important it is to consistently adhere to strict quality standards and promote sustainable practices.

More about our quality

Our partnership with TranzAlpine

As a family business with many years of experience, TranzAlpine and Hoyer share the same values and goals. With TranzAlpine, we are delighted to have a partner at our side who works according to the usual HOYER BIO quality standards.

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Engagement and sustainability

Thanks to our connection to bees and nature, environmental protection and sustainability are a natural tradition at HOYER. In addition, our goal is to make a significant contribution to preserving people's health.

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